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Isla de Providencia

It took five days of beautiful broad reach sailing to reach Isla de Providencia from Grand Cayman. We flew the spinnaker for a good portion of it enjoying 2-3 foot seas, Jake's perfectly prepared pancakes, dolphins swimming about the bow, a few good books, and a fat mahi caught trolling along the way.

We are each crushing novel after novel out here. Tom Robbins, Allan Watts, Mary Oliver, Kurt Vonnegut, Ray Bradbury, and Jack London to name a few. How easy easy it is to just keep reading out here has always been a draw to the lifestyle. Sailing gives us the time to be almost completely without distraction. Its one of the reasons I don't think I will ever install a Starlink on Rumi.

Isla de Provicdencia is a gorgeous little island under Columbian rule. The people are not originally Columbian and embarrassingly it took us several days to realize this. They actually speak an English-based creole similar to Belize Kriol and Jamaican Patwa. We kept trying to speak Spanish with the locals until one of them actually corrected us stating, "Just speak English man, everyone here knows that better than Spanish". It was a surprise to say the least. That said, they let us off easy with a few laughs.

The local people of Isla de Providencia are super cool and friendly to travelers. We spent evenings making friends with in the pool hauls, hiking the local peaks, playing dominoes in the street at midnight, and regularly diving off the local bridge each evening, religiously.

Off to Panama next!

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