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 "Thanks to the equipment from Victron and meticulous system design by Meridian Marine, the 2023 charter season about our Tayana 58 will be nearly carbon neutral. The mission was to refit an already robust production boat into a true high-latitude vessel for the growing ‘expedition charter’ segment. A veteran Captain of more than 40 years, Schultze says that choosing an integration partner is key to success. Owen at Meridian Marine worked diligently with HMH Sailing to identify energy storage/production needs and expectations in order to design the best possible system for us. It is a time-consuming process to accomplish correctly, and Owen made it a pleasure. Now, having accomplished our shakedown cruise, seeing everything operate in-service as it was planned has been exciting. How many sailboats can run entire-boat air condition for multiple days from battery power and then recharge in a matter of hours? This is only possible thanks to Victron, Meridian Marine, and Termodinamica".    

                         - Huffman of HMH Sailing


Chris and Laura

SV Zephyr

"Owen re-worked the lithium

battery/solar panel system on

Zephyr, our Lagoon 450, as the

original installation was woefully

inadequate. He devised and

installed several improvements

and brought the whole system up to ABYC standards. He also

oversaw Zephyr for three months while we were away from the boat, providing us with weekly reports

and photos. I will not hesitate to

use Owen's services in the future."


Paul Trammel

SV Windflower
Host of Offshore Sailing

"Selecting and installing components for your electrical system is difficult, especially if converting to lithium batteries. I would not have been able to do it without professional help, and Owen of Meridian Marine Electrical provided. He was able to supply me with an incredible new smart lithium battery to replace my old AGM batteries, and the Victron components, busbars, fuses, and fuse holders necessary to connect it to my system and do the conversion. He was also available remotely to answer questions as I did the install. I whole-heartedly recommend Owen Murphy as a supplier, installer, or provider of remote help for your marine electrical needs."


Sam Becker MD

SV Winsome

"Owen looked around the boat and immediately knew what to do. He carefully designed the entire system to fit neatly. I had not even considered the space he used nor thought it was possible to fit everything into it. He was incredibly efficient at keeping wire runs as short as possible while maintaining storage space. He made no aesthetic changes to boat structure and the work completes is pure art. It was a physically demanding and complex job. He installed six 100ahLiFePo batteries, three 170ah lead batteries, Phoenix inverter, two MPPT's, a 3000W Multiplus,  Cerbo GX with touchscreen, two Orion DC-DC Chargers, and Wakespeed regulator. I can now fully isolate either bank, combine them, or choose to run the ship's essential systems independently. With the added Orions each bank can charge the other. Owen knows electricity and his design of this install was ergonomical and user friendly. He is a wizard. He also troubleshooted several other problems that have been previously unfixable and mysterious aside from the install. Thank you Owen"


Chuck and Deb

SV Nautibear - DIY install engineered and coached by Meridian Marine Electrical

"We were needing a full electrical refit on our Nauticat 42 and having difficulties finding anyone willing to help us in a rather remote part of the Panamanian jungle.  We had decided to go with a full Victron system, including lithium batteries due to their solid reputation.  We knew we would need an electrical design and help with the install.  Many we contacted were willing to sell us the equipment but would not do the design.  That all changed when we met Owen.  He designed the full system including all the details such as wire sizes and fuses required.  He ordered the equipment, wire, solar panels and everything right down to the heat shrink and spare parts we should carry, understanding the importance of getting it all right the first time due to the remoteness of location and costs of shipping.  Everything arrived in good time and good condition.  It was a bit daunting at first, due to the complexity of dealing with solar, wind, engine alternator, generator and shore power all as power sources, but with some initial coaching we were able to get the system installed.  He then helped with the programming to be sure everything went smoothly.  With Victron’s ability to log in remotely whenever we had any questions, Owen was able to check over the system and adjust parameters as needed.  The system is now running beautifully and we couldn’t be happier that we chose to go with Owen at Meridian Marine."


Troy Devries

SV Wolfe Pack II

"Owen is phenomenal! He was quick to diagnose and solve different issues with our alternator, solar system, and inverter. We also found him especially helpful with working on the complicated Victron systems. He has been very professional and easy to work with. It didn't take long for him to make a name for himself all the way up here in Georgia!"


Eric & Kelly Norguard

SV Islander

"Owen is our go to Marine Electrician! Owen was a huge part of updating our electrical system, aboard our 1980 Irwin (before  leaving for the Bahamas). Owen's work is superb and I don't say that lightly. If you own a boat then you know how hard it is to find good contractors to work on them. We now have total confidence in our system and no more issues. It runs as easily as it is beautifully installed. Recently, we called Owen and he showed up punctually as is his manner. He quickly found our issue, a bad freezer connection and replaced it. We highly recommend Owen. He is rare and we trust his knowledge."


Jimmy & Collen Senterfitt

SV Pelican

"Owen is truly a great electrician and troubleshooter. He finds and fixes problems in short order for a great value. We started with electrical work on the bow thruster charger and windlass but also found him to be very helpful across a broad spectrum of boat projects." 

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