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Grand Cayman Limbo

It took almost four days sail to from Cuba to Grand Cayman against the current and with almost no wind. It was wild to see how the ocean in all its heavy handed chaos can also be a place of complete solitude. It could can engulf us or float us. For this particual trip to Grand Cayman, we bobbed.

The Cayman Islands are home to a rasta pasta of nationalities. Jamaicans make up the majority but it wasn't unusual to hear four or five different accents or languages at any given bar. Philippines, Italians, Irish, English, French, Dominican, Brazilian, and just about everywhere else.

Jake and I immediately made friends with a Jamaican doorman named Dwight. He was happy to take us out any night to some of the discos even if he never wanted to dance with us. We eventually took Dwight sailing with us for some day sailing outside Georgetown. The guy can't swim but that didn't stop him from enjoying everything about sailing. He ran about the boat with his GoPro filming the entire day.

We departed after four days but then quickly had to turn back after only 10NM when we remembered customs still had our spear guns. Well everything happens for a reason I suppose because right as we pulled back into harbor, our engine started to show a freaky amount of vibration. I diagnosed the issue as failing motor mounts.

To call Grand Cayman customs complicated would be a serious understatement. It took three weeks to get the motor mounts in our hands from Florida! We definitely enjoyed our three weeks and made even more friends on the tiny island. Late night dancing became an almost daily activity, while we spent our sunny afternoons free-diving. We even got to celebrate with the locals when Prince Charles of England became King. Funny to see an island so far from England so excited about something so totally irrelevant.

Eventually, I got the mounts replaced and it was again time to take off. You can watch the mounts replacement video here. All is well that ends well. We hugged our Cayman friends goodbye and took off on May 5th after having arrived on April 15th.

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