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Marine Electrical Services
and Engineering

Meridian Marine Electrical LLC is a remote and on-the-water electrical service catering to all electrical requirements in the yachting industry. We provide professional maintenance, systems engineering, and top of the line installations.


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Service and installations

We know too well that the marine environment is a brutal place for electrical​ systems. Let us accurately diagnose and solve the problem to get you back on the water. 

A marine installation should be designed with the most care and efficiency for your boat's specific purpose. Allow us to recommend the right parts and install them in a way that's customized to your needs.

Electrical Engineering
and Consulting 

Reliable electrical systems start with a solid plan. Whether you are tackling a retrofit, a DIY project, or building a brand new boat our ABYC certified tech can help you get started on the right foot. With years of experience on thousands of boats, we can provide insight on the best equipment or design an electrical wiring diagram tailored for your boat. Do it right the first time, to save valuable time and money.

Survey Services

Questioning the integrity of your boat's electrical system? Don't worry. Our ABYC certified tech can diligently survey your system to ensure it is built to the correct standards. We can make recommendations and upgrades before you decide to go cruising. 

We also conduct detailed hull surveys to analyze your boat's protection against galvanic corrosion. 

Ask about Remote Services!

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Custom Wire Diagrams, Equipment, and Coaching

Whether you're building an eighty foot yacht or rewiring an old trawler, we got you covered. At Meridian Marine Electrical we also engineer systems that clients can install themselves. Every piece of equipment provided down to the last terminal along with coaching throughout the entire process.


Chris and Laura

SV Zephyr

"Owen re-worked the lithium

battery/solar panel system on

Zephyr, our Lagoon 450, as the

original installation was woefully

inadequate. He devised and

installed several improvements

and brought the whole system up to ABYC standards. He also

oversaw Zephyr for three months while we were away from the boat, providing us with weekly reports and photos. I will not hesitate to use Owen's services in the future."


Paul Trammell

"Selecting and installing components for your electrical system is difficult, especially if converting to lithium batteries. I would not have been able to do it without professional help, and Owen of Meridian Marine Electrical provided. He was able to supply me with an incredible new smart lithium battery to replace my old AGM batteries, and the Victron components, busbars, fuses, and fuse holders necessary to connect it to my system and do the conversion. He was also available remotely to answer questions as I did the install. I whole-heartedly recommend Owen Murphy as a supplier, installer, or provider of remote help for your marine electrical needs."


Sam Becker MD

SV Winsome

"Owen looked around the boat and immediately knew what to do. He carefully designed the entire system to fit neatly. I had not even considered the space he used nor thought it was possible to fit everything into it. He was incredibly efficient at keeping wire runs as short as possible while maintaining storage space. He made no aesthetic changes to boat structure and the work completes is pure art. It was a physically demanding and complex job. He installed six 100ahLiFePo batteries, three 170ah lead batteries, Phoenix inverter, two MPPT's, a 3000W Multiplus,  Cerbo GX with touchscreen, two Orion DC-DC Chargers, and Wakespeed regulator. I can now fully isolate either bank, combine them, or choose to run the ship's essential systems independently. With the added Orions each bank can charge the other. Owen knows electricity and his design of this install was ergonomical and user friendly. He is a wizard. He also troubleshooted several other problems that have been previously unfixable and mysterious aside from the install. Thank you Owen."

 "Thanks to the equipment from Victron and meticulous system design by Meridian Marine, the 2023 charter season about our Tayana 58 will be nearly carbon neutral. The mission was to refit an already robust production boat into a true high-latitude vessel for the growing ‘expedition charter’ segment. A veteran Captain of more than 40 years, Schultze says that choosing an integration partner is key to success. Owen at Meridian Marine worked diligently with HMH Sailing to identify energy storage/production needs and expectations in order to design the best possible system for us. It is a time-consuming process to accomplish correctly, and Owen made it a pleasure. Now, having accomplished our shakedown cruise, seeing everything operate in-service as it was planned has been exciting. How many sailboats can run entire-boat air condition for multiple days from battery power and then recharge in a matter of hours? This is only possible thanks to Victron, Meridian Marine, and Termodinamica".    

                         - Huffman of HMH Sailing



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