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Well, we sailed down through the Keys and dropped into Cuba. We bounced along the north coast stopping in Havanna, Bahia Honda, Cayo Lavisa, and Cape San Antonio. It was beautiful but it was also something else.

The economic crisis there is a mess. Their government that locals refer to as “the mafia” controls all the wealth, poorly distributing it, and creating a massive class gap. Food and basic supplies are basically null. The average citizen makes $148.74 USD/month. If a cargo ships stops to trade in Cuba, the USA blocks them for 6 month and so very few ships do stop.

We had a pretty interesting time there. The people, despite their difficulties have this beautiful community driven spirit where they really look out for each other and their families. They also like to joke about sailing away with us.

We were unable to resupply in Cuba and restrictions on coastal travel by boat made things challenging. Last night after four days of calm light wind sailing we landed in Grand Cayman. During the cruise over we found Rumi boarded each evening by whimsy little birds stopping for a little sea break

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